Overseas Registrations And Transfers

Overseas voters can now register or transfer their registration.

Download the form that you require, fill it in and email it back to registrations@election.com.nr

If you are transferring and need to pay the $150, then arrange with a friend or family member to come to the Electoral Commission Office in Aiwo and collect a payment docket so that they can pay the fee at the Revenue Office.   Also on the Transfer Form there is a place to write their name and phone number so that we can also prompt them if they have not come in to pay.

The law recently changed so that if you were auto enrolled, you do not have to pay a transfer fee for your first transfer.   Perhaps send your friend or family member in to check on this for you before any fee is paid for you on your behalf.



Form 3 Declaration in Support of Transfer

You can attend one of the embassies or consulates – ring the displayed phone number to get more details.

New York  – 1 (212) 937 0074

High Commission, Suva, Fiji  – (679) 3313566

Embassy Taiwan, Republic of China  – 8862 2876 1950

Consulate-General, Brisbane, Australia – (617) 3220 3040

Consulate-General, Bangkok, Thailand – 02 274 3989

The following persons have been appointed by the Commission to act as Witnesses in their respective countries and cities:

New Zealand: Mr. Junior Dowiyogo

Sydney: Mr. Cramer Cain

Melbourne: Mrs. Jarina Adam

Tonga: Mrs. SIna Temaki Vunipola

Kosrae: Mr. Gregory Ribauw

Kiribati: Mr. Roak Notte

Republic of the Marshall Islands: Mr. Russel Kun

For further details, please visit the Electoral Commission Office at the Civic Centre, Aiwo District or call 5573899.

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