Monthly Archive: June 2016

Candidate Information Session

For all aspiring candidates, the Electoral Commission will be conducting a Candidate Information session on Friday 17 June 2016 at 7pm in the Conference hall in the Aiwo Civic Centre.

Topics covered will be

Key dates, Electoral Roll, Mobile and Proxy Voting, Polling Day, Borda count, Electoral Offences, Nominations.

The session is expected to be 60 mins and questions may be asked at the end of each topic.

The Candidate’s Handbook, which includes a nomination form will be available for collection.

Any inquiries can be directed to


Election Announced

On 11 June the Speaker issued a Writ to command the Electoral Commissioner to conduct a general election on 9 July 2016.

Below is the:

Gazette notice of the Writ Gazette 107-16

A Media Release from the Electoral Commissioner Media release – Election Announcement

Candidate’s Handbook – which includes the nomination form  2016 Candidates Handbook Nauru Final

Scroll down for Registration and Transfer forms.

Key Dates of the Election

Event Date
Issue of the Writ Saturday 11 June 2016
Close of Roll for all Registrations and Transfers Saturday 18 June 2016 5pm sharp
Nominations period opens Sunday 19 June 2016 9am
Nominations close Saturday 25 June 2016 5pm sharp
Applications for Proxy Voting Opens Sunday 19 June 2016
Mobile Voting Applications close Wednesday 6 July 2016
Proxy Voting Applications close Thursday 7 July 2016
Polling Day Saturday 9 July 2016  –  9am to 6pm sharp