Daily Archive: June 2, 2017

Commission Staff Training Manual 2017-2018

There is an urgent need for capacity building of the Commission to ensure it is well prepared to conduct the next general election in 2019 and near future.The training and advice provided by PIANZEA and our regional and international partners will go a long way to achieve these expectations. The following link: Nauru Electoral Commission Staff Training Programme consists of the basic training details which will be required for the Commission’s capacity building.

Electoral Commission Communication Plan

The success of any election depends on the support of leaders and stakeholders and a good communication strategy needs to be in place foremost to ensure the public is aware of any electoral development as provided to them by the Commission. This Communication Plan serves as a guideline for the Electoral Commission to consider using the available resources at its disposal to increase awareness of our democratic  electoral systems. Please see attached link: Electoral Commission Communication Plan 2017 for further details.