About us

The Electoral Commission was formed with the certification of the Electoral Act 2016 on 10 March 2016.

The Electoral Commissioners were then appointed:-

Joseph Cain                         Electoral Commissioner

Corinne Joram                     Deputy Electoral Commissioner

Sylvanna Deireragea          Deputy Electoral Commissioner


A prescribed function of the Electoral Commission is to adopt a Code of Conduct. Electoral Act 2016 Sec 6(5)

Electoral Commission Code of Conduct


  1. We will comply with this Code of Conduct and all relevant legislation and follow Commission policies, directions and procedures.
  2. We will seek to achieve the best use of our funding and resources.


  1. We will demonstrate responsiveness by:-
    1. providing frank, impartial and timely advice to the Government, candidates and the media.
    2. providing high quality electoral services to the citizens of Nauru
    3. identifying and promoting best electoral practice


  1. We will be honest, open and transparent in all of our dealings, using our powers responsibly and striving to earn and sustain public trust of a high level.
  2. We will maintain the security of electoral documents and ballot papers and carefully manage their transportation and storage.
  3. Gifts, favours or hospitality of a nominal value will be declared on the gifts registry.


  1. We will be impartial in all our dealings with candidates, Government, the media and the public.
  2. We will make decisions and provide advice on merit and without bias, favouritism or self interest.
  3. We will not participate in any political or social activity that may affect our reputation or bring the Commission’s independence into question.


  1. Confidentiality of information will at all times be respected.
  2. We will not discriminate on the basis of disability, age, race, gender, family status, religion or political belief.
  3. We will respect the rights of the individual and will treat each other courteously. Harassment or bullying of any kind will not be accepted.
  4. We will exercise courtesy, consideration and professionalism when providing services to our customers or dealing with stakeholders.


  1. We will demonstrate leadership by actively implementing, promoting and supporting this code.

Adopted by the Electoral Commission – 8 April 2016



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