Proxy Voting Applications

Proxy Voting Applications can now be submitted to the Electoral Commission.

Proxy Voting is for voters who currently reside overseas or who know they will be overseas on polling day.

Proxy Voters who are leaving to go overseas need to attach their travel itinerary showing that they are absent from Nauru on polling day 9 July 2016.

Download the form and complete all three pages as far as possible.

If you can, get your proxy to sign page three before submitting the application.

If you can’t get your proxy to sign page three – because you are overseas and they are here in Nauru, then please let your proxy know that you have submitted the form so that they can come to the office and sign it.

Please try to include your Proxy’s phone number on page 3 too – so we can ring them if they have forgotten to come in.

You can download the form here – or in the case of voters who are expecting to be away, then please feel free to come in and collect or complete the form in our office.

Form 1 Application for Proxy Voting

Applications close at 9am on Friday 8 July, so please don’t delay in getting your proxy application in.

If you need to mobile vote instead – please use the link below.



Sale of the Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll has been delayed in production due to the public holiday and final checking of registrations and transfers.

The Roll will be on sale on Wednesday 22 June at the Electoral Commission Office.

$20 x1 District Roll

$50 for the national roll.

Transfer Fee Refund for Auto Enrolments – Now Available

The media release below details how to access your refund if you transferred but were auto enrolled.

The Electoral Act was recently changed to exempt voters from paying a fee if they were enrolled automatically on the electoral roll.

Some voters paid the fee prior to this law being changed and now qualify for a refund.

Please read the media release for more details – or visit the office in Civic Centre Aiwo for further details.

Media Release Auto Enrolment Refunds

Candidate Information Session

For all aspiring candidates, the Electoral Commission will be conducting a Candidate Information session on Friday 17 June 2016 at 7pm in the Conference hall in the Aiwo Civic Centre.

Topics covered will be

Key dates, Electoral Roll, Mobile and Proxy Voting, Polling Day, Borda count, Electoral Offences, Nominations.

The session is expected to be 60 mins and questions may be asked at the end of each topic.

The Candidate’s Handbook, which includes a nomination form will be available for collection.

Any inquiries can be directed to elections@election.com.nr