Sale of the Electoral Rolls

Section 51(3) of the Electoral Act 2016 provides for the roll to be available for sale on payment of a fee.

The Electoral Commission has determined the fees are as follows:

$20 per District

$50 for National roll – sorted by District.

The roll will be available for sale after the Close of Roll during the election period, so that it is contains the same names as the roll that will be used on polling day.

Purchasers of the roll must only use the names in the roll for electoral purposes and not for any commercial purpose. (sec 118)

How to Purchase

The point of sale is at the Electoral Commission office in the Civic Centre in Aiwo.

Purchasers should order the roll(s) that they wish to purchase at the counter.

The Electoral Commission will issue a payment voucher for the total cost of the purchase.

The payment voucher must then be taken to the Nauru Revenue Office and the roll(s) paid for.

On production of a receipt the rolls will be provided to the purchaser.