On 1 May 2019, a writ was issued for a By-election in Anabar, Ijuw and Anibare (AIA) constituency. The election has been set for 30 May 2019.

As per the law, the election will be held using the 2016 general election voter roll.

No voter transfers into the AIA can be accepted for the by-election. If you have transferred into the AIA districts since the last election, your name will be on the voter rolls for the upcoming general election – but not for the AIA 2019 By-Election.

This also means that all voters who were on the roll in the AIA districts for the 2016 General election are still on the AIA roll – even if they have transferred to another District recently.

Voters who have turned 20 up to and on the day of polling have been automatically registered on the AIA roll.

Anyone who has passed away has been removed from the AIA roll.

If you changed your name since 2016, you new name will appear on the AIA roll.

The AIA roll will be gazetted and displayed outside of the Electoral Commission office at the Civic Centre in Aiwo on Monday 6th May 2019. You can also check the rolls here

Comments and corrections can be lodged with the Electoral Commission until the roll closes on Thursday 9th May 2019.

The Electoral Commission encourages all voters who were registered in the AIA constituency in 2016 to check their details on the roll before it closes.

If you wish to make further enquiries, please contact the Electoral Commission’s Office on 557 3903 or email helpdesk@electoralcommission.org.nr