Early Voting

Early voting allows voters who cannot vote on Polling Day – 24 August, to vote before Polling Day.


Early voting will be available from 12pm Thursday 15 August to Friday 23 August (Saturdays from 9am to 1pm and closed on Sundays).

Early voting is available to voters if they meet one of the following criteria. The voter:

  • Is overseas on polling day;
  • Has religious beliefs prevent them from voting on polling day;
  • Is ill or infirm;
  • Is approaching maternity;
  • Is a voter who will be a patient in a hospital;
  • Is unable to leave the work place during the hours of polling.


How to Apply and Vote


Come to the NEC office in Aiwo Civic Center, bring the required proof and ID with you. Complete an application form in writing and provide proof required as shown below.  Once the application is approved you can vote immediately.


Proof of travel planned travel

Religious Beliefs

Voter’s name appears on the list provided by the voter’s church administration.

Ill or infirm

Doctor’s certificate

Approaching Maternity

Doctor’s certificate

Will be a patient in the hospital

Admission papers or other proof

Unable to leave the workplace

Letter from Employer.

Other methods of Voting

Voters who will be overseas or ill and unable to attend a polling place can use the proxy or mobile voting services instead if they prefer.


Download Early Voting Application Form ↓