Please click here to download the final report as presented to Parliament on the 2019 elections.

His Excellency the President Rt Hon. Lionel Rouwen Aingimea, presented the Post-Election Report 2019 as part of his Ministerial statement to the 23rd Parliament House during its sitting on the 28th November 2019. In his statement, the President “was pleased to surmise from the Report that the successful outcomes of this election were primarily due to the long-term planning, preparation and hard work by the Commission since it conducted its first general election in 2016”. The President further briefed the house with the 12 highlights in the report which included the recount of three constituencies. Automatic recount was triggered for in Meneng and Aiwo due to the 0.25% proximity differences of results between candidates and a recount for Ubenide constituency was also called by the Electoral Commissioner after 6 missing ballot papers were found at the Counting Center.

The President highlighted to the house that the Commission has made a number of recommendations that will need to be addressed in relate to issues raised in the report, to further improve the conduct of the next election. The President congratulated the Electoral Commission and all individual officials and workers for the commitment and dedication to ensure a successful outcome of the 2019 election. The President further stated, “My government further acknowledges and recognizes with deep appreciation, the support provided by the UNDP electoral support program with generous funding from Australia and New Zealand” and finished of commending the Post-General Election Report 2019.