Parliament has passed a new amendment to the Electoral Act of 2016 which requires all potential candidates to declare their intention to run for election.

Next year’s elections are due in September or October 2022 (if not called early).

If you are thinking about it or intend to be a candidate for these elections, you must declare your intention to be nominated now.

If you decide not to be a candidate later – you do not have to do anything – your intention will simply lapse after the candidate nomination period finishes.

Important: You do not have to resign from a government position to declare your intention to be a candidate.

Making a declaration is free – there is no charge.

The declaration period will begin on 31 October 2021 – The NEC has published a gazette notice to formally open the 30-day declaration period.

You have now 30 days to declare your intention.

The declaration period will finish on 30 November 2021 (270 days before the end of the current Parliament term).

You can collect a declaration form from our office in Aiwo Civic Center, or online here:

You need to submit it at the NEC office during office hours in these 30 days.

You must also bring the following with the declaration – we can copy them if needed:

  1. Your birth certificate
  2. A photo ID

The NEC will then publish the total list of declarations – 14 days after the declaration period.

If you wish to withdraw your intention before candidate nomination – you can do by simply giving us a written withdrawal letter.

If you do not declare your intention before the 30 November and then run as a candidate, you could face serious fines or imprisonment ($5000 or less, or imprisonment of 2 years or less).

This declaration does not apply to early elections or by-elections – only if the general election is held at the end of the full of Parliament term. Candidate Declaration of Intention