A compulsory National Survey will be held to get your view on the question:

Should the membership of Parliament including the Office of the President and Ministers be reserved for Nauruans and their descendants who became Nauruan citizens in 1968 when the Constitution came into force?

 You must take the survey at the polling center in the district where you are registered.

The process is the same as normal voting. Please bring your ID with you.

The survey is compulsory for all registered voters. A fine of up to $100 may be incurred if you do not participate.

Early voting, mobile voting and proxy voting are available to help you access the survey. You can collect forms you need for these from our office or online at https://election.com.nr/for-voters/#howtovote


Vote early at NEC AIWO Civic Center if you cannot come on Saturday – from Monday 8th to Friday 12th November (9am to 5pm) if you:

  • work on Saturday (bring work note)
  • have religious reasons (get Pastor to supply list)
  • will be out of Nauru on Saturday (bring ticket)
  • will be in hospital (bring doctors note)


We can come to your house if you cannot reach a polling center due to illness or disability. Fill out an application as normal and hand it in at least 48 hours before the Saturday 13 November – the sooner the better. We will do mobile polling the day before (Friday) and on Survey Day.


You can take the survey for up to 4 Nauruan voters outside of Nauru. Out of Nauru Voters can use embassies, certified witnesses, and the remote witness system to complete their application if they need to.

For remote witnessing please send request to helpdesk@electoralcommission.org.nr


Look out for voter information, SMS, and radio/tv information coverage.

Visit the NEC website www.election.com.nr and follow our Facebook page to get all the latest information.

Office Number:  +6745573903

Email: helpdesk@electoralcommission.org.nr,

NEC office: Civic Center Aiwo District