About us

Free and Fair Elections for all Nauruans

The Electoral Act established the structure of the Electoral Commission as comprising three members – the Electoral Commissioner and two Deputy Electoral Commissioners. All three were appointed by the President on advice of Cabinet in March 2016 for a period of four years.

The NEC is responsible for the general inspection of the electoral process ensuring that the process is uniform across all constituencies. The NEC is the highest institution to oversee the 2019 electoral process. It has the following key duties and responsibilities:
• Develop the election policies, procedures, policies and regulations to facilitate elections
• Register Voters for the election of members of Parliament and the
• Conduct of elections in accordance with the 2016 electoral act.
• Encourage all voters to vote and help them understand the process and its place in Nauruan life.

Vision and Mission

A fully independent Commission for free and fair elections for all.

To conduct the election of Members of the Parliament of Nauru embracing the Commission’s Values and Guiding Principles to ensure:
• Efficient delivery of free, fair, credible and equitable elections
• Equal participation and opportunity of all citizens of voting age, political parties, and civil societies
• Access to all electorate information
• Review and reform of electoral laws.

Guiding Principles


We operate openly and hold the highest ethical standards.

Transparency and Accountability

We are transparent in everything that we do and are accountable to the Parliament, citizens of Nauru and to each other.


We encourage and promote engagement, equal opportunity and participation of women, the disabled and the disadvantaged in the electoral process.


We are aware of the need to be responsive to the political, social and cultural environment.


We establish and promote empowering /enabling systems and processes.


We value and protect your freedom to exercise your very own choice in private.


We strive to achieve excellence in all we do; we respect our employees as valuable assets, and are dedicated to attracting, retaining and supporting the highest quality in our human resources.